#ShipLife | The Second Contract

For those of you new to my blog, my name is Jessica and I work in the Entertainment Department on board a cruise ship!  You can read about my first contract HERE.

I have had a five week vacation and it’s time for me to pack up my suitcase and head to my next ship!  My next contract is four months long, and I will be joining in Lima, Peru.  One incredible benefit which my company allows is flight deviation for up to two weeks.  This means that I can request to fly into my joining location (or from my end-of-contract departing location) up to two weeks early (or later) at little-to-no additional cost.  I have decided to fly into Lima five days early to fulfill a lifelong dream of traveling around Peru and visiting the archaeological site of Machu Picchu.  I have planned out my entire trip, and will be sharing all of the details in a post on this blog!

After my five days traveling around Peru, I will join the ship in Lima.  From Peru, we head up the coast to my hometown of San Diego, California.  Then, we’ll embark on a 33 day round-trip voyage to Hawaii and the South Pacific.  Following that cruise will be a re-positioning cruise from San Diego to Boston, through the Panama Canal.  We will then begin the Canada & New England season, consisting of seven day cruises between Boston and Montréal, Canada.  I am very excited about the variety of itineraries on this contract, because I will be visiting many new ports of call!


I am even more excited about the coming four months because I will have loved ones sailing with me!  My parents enjoy cruising (especially on those that are round-trip San Diego), so they have booked the 33 day voyage.  Also, my boyfriend will be leaving his current ship and flying to meet me in Hawaii to sail as FOB (friend on board) for several weeks.  When that voyage ends, he will join as crew for the remainder of my contract.

In other exciting news, I have been promoted to Assistant Cruise Director!  In this position, I will be taking on more responsibility, including hosting larger scale events.  The position comes with better benefits, such as higher pay, a single cabin and various employee privileges.

I have so much to look forward to: traveling to new places, spending time with loved ones, a new job and so much more!  Safe to say these next four months are going to be a blast!  Stay tuned for more about these beautiful locations and #ShipLife posts!

Have fun!  And don’t forget to follow my page and subscribe to my YouTube channel for updates on my travels around the world! ❤ Jess


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