Highlights of Sweden | Malmö

Our two week cruise vacation to Norway, Sweden and Scotland ended in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Since Sweden is right next door, we decided to take the train 20 minutes to the city of Malmö for two days.  Sweden is a stark contrast to many places I have been.  The streets are clean, spacious and quiet.  Anywhere in the town is easily accessible by foot, bike or public transportation. Our hotel, Scandic Tranglen, was only one block from the train station.  The room was large and comfortable with a great view of the city, the front desk attendants kind and helpful, and the breakfast was BY FAR the best I have ever had in any hotel I have ever stayed in.  Another bonus amenity was the free bike rental offered to guests, which we unfortunately didn’t find out about until after we had settled in for the night.  I highly recommend this hotel for anyone stopping in Malmö, or any of the other locations listed on the website!

We enjoyed dinner at a restaurant around the corner called SMAK.  The food is quite expensive comparably, but the experience was well worth it.  At SMAK, you choose your main from a short daily menu, in addition to a buffet style table filled with fresh salads, breads, spreads and more!  You may also help yourself to juices, coffees and teas, or purchase local beer and wine.

  • Øresund Bridge – This bridge runs nearly five miles, connecting the two cities of Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmö, Sweden.  It was opened in the year 2000, and is the largest combined road and rail bridge in Europe.  The unique feature of this bridge is the Drogden Tunnel, where a section of road is submerged under the water of the Øresund Strait.  We took the train across the bridge to Malmö from Copenhagen and back.
  • Turning Torso – The Turning Torso is a contemporary residential skyscraper, and arguably the most recognizable structure of Malmö.  The complex is over 620 ft tall, and rated as the first twisted skyscraper in the world.  Since the building is primarily apartments, entry isn’t permitted, but it’s definitely worth dropping by for an iconic photograph!

Malmo2017 (9)

  • Kungsparken – Kungsparken is the oldest park in Malmö, located in the city center and characterized by hundreds of species of trees, ponds and even a classic windmill.
  • Old Lighthouse – The old lighthouse is tiny and on the outskirts of town, but has historical significance in Malmö’s maritime history.  When at the lighthouse, turn directly around to find a beautiful canal lined with buildings, fountains and boats.

Malmo2017 (4)

Our stay in Malmö was short and sweet, but I do feel like two days was enough time to experience the sights of Sweden’s third largest city.  I look forward to visiting other Swedish places, such as Stockholm and Gothenburg, and exploring the countryside a bit more in the future.  If you are in the area – especially if you are visiting Copenhagen – a trip to Malmö is definitely worth it!

Have fun!  And don’t forget to follow my page and subscribe to my YouTube channel for video updates on my travels around the world! ❤ Jess


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