Highlights of Luxembourg

Although small in size and in population, the culture and history of Luxembourg are extensive.  The country is centrally located in Europe, an easy train ride from any major city.  For €180 each, we purchased round-trip tickets from Paris to Luxembourg City with SNCF rail system.  The train ride was beautiful, taking us three hours through the French countryside, and dropping us off in the heart of Luxembourg City.  Our hotel, Hotel Grey, was just blocks away from the station, which was extremely convenient and surprisingly well priced.

The culture of Luxembourg has been shaped and influenced by its surrounding countries for the duration of its existence.  The people of Luxembourg are called Luxembourgers, but nearly half of them are immigrants from nearby countries.  This results in a multi-lingual population, with all inhabitants speaking at least three languages: Luxembourgish, French and German.  A Croatian native we spoke to in a convenience store near our hotel said that most Luxembourgers – herself included – speak between five and seven languages!

The city of Luxembourg is stunningly characterized by enormous bridges, flowing rivers and Victorian style architecture.  There are many walking paths throughout the town, which pass by chateaus, citadels, churches and castles.  The city center is a twelve minute walk from the train station, where you find hundreds of shops and restaurants.  Because Luxembourg is a mixture of many cultures, all styles of cuisine are delicious and easy to find.


Down the road from the city center are the Casemates du Bock, a vast complex of underground channels designed to hide and transport weapons and people during WWII.  For a small fee, we purchased tickets to the casemates and spent several hours exploring the dim maze of tunnels.


An effective and economical way to gain a well-rounded impression of Luxembourg is to purchase a City Sightseeing day bus pass, which are available from the city center for €15.  The bus drives past all of the significant monuments, buildings, etc. in Luxembourg, and gives a detailed history in seven languages.  The bus route takes one hour, but runs every 20 minutes, giving you time to hop on and hop off to experience the stops in more depth.

Situated in the Place de la Constitution is the Sky Tower, which for five euros, offers 360 degrees of breathtaking city views from 72 meters above.  If traveling to Luxembourg, I highly recommend this as a final stop on your tour.  Enjoy a glass of champagne from the Sky Bar to toast to a wonderful time in the tiny country!

Luxembourg2017 (10)

Luxembourg is a country rich in history and culture, and a great stop along your European tour.  Two to three days is the perfect amount of time to visit the highlights and experience the Luxembourgish way!

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