#ShipLife | The Third Contract: New Job, New Chapter

For the past year, I have traveled and worked on board cruise ships, first as an Entertainment Host, then as Assistant Cruise Director.  You can see my first contract blog post here and my second contract blog post here.

In twelve months, I have been on two ships, visited 34 countries and over one hundred ports of call and met thousands of incredible people.  I have loved every minute of my year of working in the entertainment department, and have learned so much about ships, people, the world and myself.  However, a new opportunity has emerged, which I have swiftly accepted and am anxiously looking forward to.

My partner and I applied for and acquired the job of Future Cruise Consultant, a position which allows us to work together ship to ship.  As Future Cruise Consultants, our job will be to sell future cruises to guests currently on board our ship.  We will help guests pick the location, ship, dates and stateroom for their next voyage, ensuring they enjoy the best experience possible.  We will also offer additional benefits such as on board credit and lower deposit rates.

There are many benefits to this position, including planning our own schedules, putting together our own presentations and marketing and most importantly, a guarantee we will always be together, on the same ship.  I am elated that I will be able to sell something I am passionate about, and that has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  I know I will feel fulfilled through helping guests plan their next exciting adventure.

Even more incredible than the job itself is the itinerary for our first contract.  We join the ship in Santiago, Chile for a three month contract.  Our first voyage will start in Santiago and head south along the coast of South America, around Cape Horn and north to Buenos Aires, then reverse back the same way up to Santiago.  From Santiago, we head back to Buenos Aires, but spend four days scenic sailing in Antarctica.  That’s right, ANTARCTICA.  Only 0.002% of the planet’s population visits the seventh continent each year and we will be a part of that figure!  Words cannot describe how excited I am for this itinerary, especially since we will repeat the South America/Antarctica voyage two more times, totaling four voyages for the whole contract.  Below you can see photos of the itineraries.


As preparation for the new job, Michael and I will be flying to the company headquarters for one month of training.  We will spend the first two weeks on safety training (I will discuss the cruise ship safety procedures in another post shortly), and the second two weeks learning the booking system and marketing procedures.

We are SO excited about the upcoming opportunity, and believe it is the perfect fit for our lives.  This job will allow us to be together, working in a job we are passionate about while traveling the world!  No doubt I will be posting more about the position and beautiful ports of call in the coming months.

Have fun!  And don’t forget to follow my page and subscribe to my YouTube channel for updates on my travels around the world! ❤ Jess


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